IRL2958 - International Research Laboratories : Les Laboratoires de Recherche de Georgia Tech-Lorraine sont issus d'un modèle d'accord unique établi en 2006 avec le Georgia Institute of Technology, le Georgia Institute of Technology et le CNRS. Intégrés au campus de Metz, les laboratoires de recherche se concentrent sur ces technologies : *Nonlinear Optics and Dynamics The nonlinear interaction of light with materials leads to a rich variety of phenomena-both dynamical as well as spectroscopic. These, in turn, have established nonlinear light-matter inte- ractions as the cornerstone of a variety of applications, ranging from sensing to communications to information science. The research in nonlinear optics and dynamics at the IRL focuses on scienti- fic developments that promise to lead to real-world applications. Such activi- ties rely on the building on experimental setups to validate the theoretical work *Smart materials Innovative materials research includes both optoelectronic semiconductors and functional materials, with projects ranging from wide-bandgap, semiconduc- tors and devices to new metals for energy, automotive aeronautic. It also includes research on advanced ultrasonics for nondestructive testing and imaging, and fabrication of novel nanoheterostructures and guided-wave devices, biomedical and environment applications and terahertz. * Computer Sciences: This topic covers two fields: “Situated Cognition and Robotics” and “Information Systems”. Situated Cognition and Robotics encompass the developing intelligent systems in interaction with their environment. This research is conducted through two main collaborating approaches: the development of interactive model of cognition, based on neural fields and reinforcement learning, and the development of field robotic applications for environment observa- tion and assessment. Research on “Information Systems” deals with the evolution of wired and wireless communica- tion networks away from the traditional centralized and static network architectures in order to meet the demand for increased flexibility, versatility, and robustness. c Sujets de Recherche : - Large scale to micro-scale non destructive evaluation of materials and devices via acoustic and THz waves - Data-driven robotics for environment assessment and monitoring - Efficient and secure architecture for modern communication systems - Aerospace system design - Sensors development: from material growth to device fabrication, application to gas sensing, molecule sensing in wet condition, harsh environment -Flexible electronics and optoelectronics based on III-N materials (LEDs, Transistors, …) -MOVPE platform for the growth of III-N materials (GaN, InGaN, AlGaN, BN,…) - Multi-scale simulation of mechanical materials behavior

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