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Infodream, editor and integrator of MES software (the Qual@xy Suite) for the industry of the future, specialises in quality control and the management of manufacturing processes for all industrial sectors. Infodream is an international company with over 300 customers in 18 countries. It has two subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Qualaxy Suite is a unique MES solution on the market, fully packaged and designed for Industry 4.0. It is aimed at industries of all sizes that wish to digitize their production and quality control processes, to go paperless while ensuring a real digital operational continuity. The Qualaxy Suite integrates with your existing information system (ERP) and interfaces easily with all the resources on the shop floor, i.e. men, machines and software, to provide everyone with the right information at the right time. In addition to allowing the manual or automatic collection of production data (measurements, traceability, time stamping, etc.), the solution allows managers to monitor production in real time to find out the status of work orders, their progress, and production hazards. And because information must be available to all, all Quality and Productivity KPIs are consolidated in a company Dashboard. Targeted markets. Intuitive to use, with few mandatory interactions, the Qualaxy Suite is particularly appreciated by industries with processes that alternate manual and automatic operations, while maintaining a logical and controlled sequence of operations. With a strong Quality component, the solution integrates laboratory controls throughout the manufacturing process, as well as batch acceptance at the end of the chain, with the electronic signature of authorized persons. The Qualaxy Suite is FDA compliant and is therefore perfectly suited for industries that are subject to the CFR21 part 11 standard or that are looking for an unfalsifiable traceability of production data, both for the configuration and the operation part. Positioning in relation to the competition. The Qualaxy Suite solution is standard and common to all our customers. Therefore, it offers advanced configuration possibilities without the need for any line of code or specific development. This makes it a turnkey solution, available today. The solution is intuitive and easy to set up, since in just 3 days of training, users will become autonomous in setting up and using the solution. Support for the implementation of a first formulation or a first complete process will allow the transfer of skills and the completion of the knowledge of the multiple functions integrated into the software. Infodream can also assist you in writing your validation specifications. This allows industrialists to be productive at the end of the training, but also to progress at their own pace and to extend their use of the software without resorting to additional services. The Qualaxy Suite is the perfect answer for manufacturers who want a solution covering a wide range of functions, with a quick implementation and controlled deployment and use costs. Partnership. For industries willing to acquire an advanced production flow management solution, we have established a partnership with the company WIPSIM which proposes a complementary solution to the Qualaxy Suite with the implementation of a CONWIP management. This allows an optimization of the flows in the WIPSIM solution before sending them automatically to the Qualaxy Suite to be made available to the workshop. Digital continuity between the ERP and the workshop, MES is an essential solution for Industry 4.0. Its choice is important because its central role in the digitalization of the company will have a direct impact on Productivity and Quality. This is why with the Qualaxy Suite we propose a phased deployment for a smooth acceptance in the factories in order to avoid the "big bang" effect so harmful to many projects. This does not prevent us from aiming at a ROI reached after the first 6 months of use with clear objectives and well monitored indicators.

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Qualaxy Suite is the innovative, standard and packaged MES solution for industry 4.0.


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