(OLD) BE 4.0 - Salon Industries du Futur Mulhouse


Stand: E-16


RF Conception: RFID, Traceability, Identification, Geo-tracking At RF Conception, we specialize in RFID, traceability, identification and geo-tracking. We offer innovative products (RFID readers, antennas, electronic chips,...). We have 3 departments: Industry 4.0, Greentech (trash collection) and Sports (sports events timing). Our Industry 4.0 solutions bring our customers value in terms of production process tracking, stock management, logistics optimization, traceability, IoT, order shipment and indoor and outdoor tracking. Our in-house R&D resources allow us to design antennas and tags matching our customers' needs, and to be more efficient and cut costs. We work with major players such as Wurth, ArcelorMittal, Lilly, Sil Fala, Punch Powerglide …). We deliver an annual 2 Million RFID tags to them. RF CONCEPTION is based in the east of France. A highly innovative company, we received a large number of awards and patents over the years.

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