Speakers 2020


Nicolas KRESSMANNDirecteur du programme de transformation du parcours client « Consumer Connect »
Schmidt GROUPE

In 30 years of career, he has worked 20 years for the brewing industry and 10 years for the furniture industry within Schmidt Groupe, but always to serve sales & marketing departments.
Sales, products, services and more recently the consumer relationship are his engines, his sources of motivation. Although originally trained in IT, he has realized various missions, either within IT departments, or within marketing and sales departments. Therefore, he has a dual skill profile.
Today, he manages the Consumer Connect program. This program was born in 2015 based on two simple observations: On the one hand, in an increasingly connected world, consumer expectations are changing more and more quickly, and on the other hand, there is no longer one purchase path but many purchase path, “seamless” between the “web” and the “store”. Our ambition has been to work on the consumer experience at each point of contact with the brands to allow them to immerse themselves in their project, to be reassured and to come and make it happen in the store.
The digital shift in the retail sector should not be seen as a technical shift, but as the perfect alchemy between the human, the physical and the power of digital. This is the winning trifecta. One does not go without the others, the main majority of consumers needing it to go quickly and be easy (digital), to be able to touch, smell, see (store) and finally to be able to express themselves, to exchange, to be advised and especially accompanied (the store). All of this is omnichannel.

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