Welcome to the BE 4.0, Fair for the Industries of the Future!

For 2 days, centrally located in the most active industrial area of Europe, at the crossroads of 3 countries, the BE 4.0 fair welcomes: Leaders, deciders, managers and engineers but also all those who will create the industry of tomorrow.


Business oriented, BE 4.0 brings together the prodigies in the industry, sector experts and start-ups to give you the opportunity to discover technological solutions, latest products, innovations regarding economic development and financing…


270 Companies, universities, competitive and institutional clusters represent the solution who boost the Industrie 4.0

  • Connected objects and industrial internet
  • Advanced production technologies
  • New approach of Man at Work, organisation and innovative management
  • Factories and lines/connected, managed and optimised islands
  • Integrated customer/supplier relations
  • New economic and social models, strategy and alliance

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