5 plenary conferences

All the plenary sessions are both in French and English

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10:30 am – 12:15 pm Converging views on the industry’s future

In the presence of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State at the economy and finance ministry.


Chaired by Anicet Mbida, TV and radio journalist specialising in new technologies, this conference offers a panel discussion in the presence of representatives of international industrial groups.


Uwe Haeberer joined SIEMENS Germany in 1987. He started his professional career as a sales engineer before becoming Marketing Director then Sales Director. In 2001, he joined SIEMENS China as General Director for Automation Technology. He returned to Germany in 2004 to occupy various positions within the Siemens Industry sector: General Manager of Machine Tools, Business Development Manager, Director of Sales in the Digital Factory Division and lastly, since 2017, World Sales and Marketing Director.


Marc Fromager joined Schneider Electric in 1994. He is Director of the Industrial Automation business activity for Schneider Electric France.
He started his professional career in the business department of Gardy (subsidiary of Schneider Electric) then became responsible for the Africa, Near- and Middle-East and Pacific Area of Rectiphase (subsidiary of Schneider Electric). He then occupied a number of different posts within Schneider Electric, Key account customer Manager, Manager of Service Energy & Sustainability Services, Automation Process France and lastly Director of the Industrial Automation business activity in France.
Marc Fromager graduated with a Masters in International Business and Company Management (EM Lyon) and with a BTS in Industrial Automation Maintenance, obtained on the Schneider Electric site at Vaudreuil.


2:30 pm – 4:00 pm AI working for the industry of the future, which path should we take?

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence: two closely-knit revolutions essential for businesses. The impact will be similar to the arrival of electricity 100 years ago. AI thoroughly reforms companies, generating more efficiency, competitiveness and appeal.

It’s fundamental for AI integration to be properly managed for both the digital transformation of supply chains and the optimisation of production chains or preventive and predictive maintenance.


The round table is the moment to initially list any good practices to consider when developing AI.

Then to see how introducing AI is an opportunity to review the customer process and promote/unearth new development potentials and added values.

Two applied experiments in France and Germany will concretely study how AI has been implemented in regards to production tools.

The conference notably centres around exchanges between the following speakers:

Guillaume TARDIVEAU, Manager of the Digital Company Research Field at Orange.

Nelly RECROSIO, Director of Key Account Sales at EDF

Florian MOHR (D), Head of Mittelstand 4.0, Competence Center Kaiserlautern / Coordinator of EIT Manufacturing at DFKI

Gennadi Schermann, Head of Digital Innovation Center Baden-Württemberg

Jean-Jacques PITTET, Head of Business Consulting


4:30 pm -6:00 pm The Worker 4.0, innovations to make this industry more attractive

Whereas the Industry 4.0 impacts all production site organization and deeply changes workstations, the human capital is becoming a major topic.

Management has lots of rethinking to do for the new generations and must build around the key words “collaboration”, “agility” and “flexibility”.

And in regards to training, there is a double challenge: Assist existing workers in evolving and making company training suitable for this young generation.

4.0 offers the opportunity of putting humans at the heart of production and making the industry more interesting in the eyes of Generation Y professionals.


An international expert will explain all the new methods and tools allowing businesses to see how to organise humans into the industry of the future.

A young local business manager will explain how he changed his family structure when he took over the reins.

As for the presence of a national group, it will discuss this applied change on his scale.

An academic vision of the subject will be proposed by a German scholar who will branch out to a tri-national perspective, promoting the means of dealing with each country-specific training.


The different viewpoints will be discussed by:

Cécile DEJOUX, University Professor at the CNAM Paris & ESCP Paris

Grégory WALTER, Co-Director of the Company Viwametal

Philippe CONVAIN, Digital Manufacturer Operator at Plastic Omnium

Professor Franz QUINT (D), Prorektor für Forschung, Vice President Research – Trirhenatech




10 am – 11:30 am The industry faced with energy transition

Tri-national conference

This conference, backed by the Alsace Eurometropolis CCI, pragmatically presents a preview of the most innovative and efficient practices for companies.

Energy transition will operate by integrating renewable energies and recovery energies as alternatives to finite resources. Sharing of needs and resources in specific activity-areas or regions will also be a major requirement.

Digital transition, smart grids and artificial intelligence will be tools allowing us to go beyond the current limits and to open up potentially new fields.

7 experts will speak during this round table including:

Jean-Louis BAL, President of the Renewable Energies Association for the “Latest developments in renewable energies and mid-term perspectives”.

Prof. Dr. Veit Hagenmeyer (D), Director of the IAI Institute at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), to present the LAB 2.0 platform.

Philippe Ramuz (CH), Geschäftsleiter Netz-Dienstleistungen at IBB Energie AG: Presentation of automated management of electric networks.


2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Digital trust working for business development

New uses, new technologies, data explosion … the challenges and risks related to industry digitalisation are numerous and are already strongly impacting the activity of each business.

To deal with all this, companies must adopt a cyber defence strategy to anticipate any risks related to these new practices and to guarantee their data is protected up against their specific obligations.

After having taken stock of the risks and strategies of this digital age in Europe, the speakers will share their experiences and promote the innovative practices initiated in the three countries: France, Switzerland and Germany


Jean-Noël de GALZAIN, Vice President at CNS

Christophe CORNE, Founder and President of the Systancia Board of Directors

Philippe KAPFER (CH), CEO & Cybersecurity expert at NextDay.Vision

Andrea SPERBER (D), CEO of Aramido