Inaugural Plenary: The relocation of activities, a response to industrial, energy and human challenges for companies


Find out how industries and regions are working together to make this a success. Faced with new strategic challenges, economic players are evolving in a constantly changing world that requires them to undertake sometimes profound changes, to rethink organizations, production and supply methods. While the health crisis has revealed the vulnerability of the industrial sector in France at various levels, the Ukrainian crisis has, in its wake, highlighted the dependence of Western economies on emerging production chains. In this context, French manufacturers and local authorities are increasingly involved in proactive responses to these issues. The relocation of companies, activities or value chains is the cornerstone of a strategic reflection on the adaptation of economic models. By integrating social and environmental challenges into this reflection, the action of territories for relocations requires securing land capacities, reinforcing training to meet labor needs and accompanying companies in an integrated approach to help, measure, evaluate and improve the measures implemented. How in Europe, in France and particularly in the Grand Est, the industrial relocation of activities is a solution for manufacturers. Discover the support solutions and the conditions for success in order to quickly start the relocation process.

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