Water revolution in industry: innovation and frugality

Nov 29, 2023 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Salle des plénières


Water is used in a wide variety of industrial processes, and industrial uses account represent 8% of the water abstracted and 4% of the freshwater consumed (excluding the cooling of power stations). It can be used in the manufacture of a wide range of products (food, pharmaceuticals, etc.), processes (dilution, electrolysis, etc.), in the upkeep and maintenance of equipment, or even in the use of water. maintenance of equipment, or as a fluid that can be mobilised in liquid or gaseous form for cooling or gaseous form for cooling or transport, in particular through pressurisation. Today, with increasing pressure on water resources, the use of water in the industrial sector is a major challenge. in the industrial sector is a major issue in several respects, leading to a rethinking of its use and the adoption of more sustainable practices. and adopting more sustainable, even frugal, practices. The "water plan" recently adopted by the public authorities bears witness to the urgency and centrality of this issue in the perspective of a sustainable and reasoned development model based on sobriety, optimisation and preservation. The objective is clearly stated: -10% of fresh water withdrawn by 2030 for all uses. Come and discover the current challenges linked to the preservation of water resources, the technological advances and innovations aimed at reducing the water footprint, and understand how frugal strategies can be deployed in the industrial sector. This new edition will be an opportunity to share feedback and discover new opportunities for optimising and developing competitive and resilient industrial models.

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