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On-screen visualization does not always make it possible to correctly understand the dimensions, renderings and finishes of a product designed on Computer Aided Design (or CAD) software. In addition, collaborating and discussing a design being developed often comes down to bringing together the designers of the design office around a single computer: uncomfortable as well as unproductive. Finally, the client may find it difficult to appreciate all the qualities of your project; color charts or samples are still relevant today. The simulation on the construction site is difficult or even impossible. Realistic renderings in CAD software are time-consuming and difficult to achieve. RealityCad is the publisher of a software suite that makes it possible to exploit the advantages of immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality) throughout the product process: from design to sale, including prototyping and testing. RCad'Touch is a unique solution allowing, without prior preparation, to visualize, assemble and modify in virtual or augmented reality 3D projects designed from CAD software. Our software allows you to organize collaborative design reviews, immersive commercial presentations or virtual prototyping.

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