Numeum is the first professional union of digital companies in France. It brings together digital services companies (ESNs), software publishers, platforms and technology consulting companies in France. Numeum represents more than 2,300 companies which generate 85% of the total turnover of the sector in France (or nearly € 55 billion in turnover, 538,000 employees). In the East of France area, Numeum has created Numéric'Emploi, a unique device in France for the digital sector, in order to support companies in their recruitment of digital job profiles ( Numeum has been chaired by Godefroy de Bentzmann and Pierre-Marie Lehucher since its creation in June 2021. Our founding ambition is to act in the service of responsible digital for businesses, society, people and the planet. Numeum's commitment is based on 4 axes: the defense of the interests of its members, the incarnation of digital France in Europe, the animation of the digital ecosystem to promote synergies and innovation, and the strengthening of the service to all digital companies. The generalization and democratization of digital training for private and public organizations as well as for citizens remains one of the main levers of the union to achieve its objectives.

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32 workshops (15 minute) to discover feedback and best practices for the digital transformation of the industry

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