(OLD) BE 4.0 - Salon Industries du Futur Mulhouse


Stand: P-12


Green Tech Innovations is a young startup from the Grand Est region created by 3 experienced co-founders and part of the BeEst Strategy of the Grand Est Region with the objective of developing innovative 5.0 solutions for the Environment. Relying on solid scientific skills and a network of recognised laboratories in the region, Green Tech Innovations designs and manufactures solutions with very high added value in the fields of Connected Objects, Lighting and Energy. Directly in contact with the field through industrial partners and local authorities, Green Tech Innovations aims, with the support of the Solar Impulse Foundation, to deploy its innovative 5.0 solutions beyond the borders of France. Solutions that are responsible for the planet and economically profitable throughout Europe and North America in order to be rapidly identified as a driving force in environmental policies. Its objective? To contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in our territories and thus to show the field of "possibilities". To act quickly for the environment by reducing greenhouse gases as much as possible.

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