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Our Society If you work in extreme conditions, Final Advance Materials is the engineering company that you need for your advanced materials. Thanks to our team, we can provide to industrial companies a large range of services, from advises to the manufacturing of specifical pieces. You will find all the materials you need: Technical ceramics High temperature textiles High temperature adhesives Ceramic powders Composites & refractories Graphites High temperature coating Those materials are manufactured by our experts. Our expertise? They include various technologies: bonding, molding, embedding, coating, injection, cutting and assembly of technical textiles, hard materials and composites machining according to drawings. A wide range of technical solutions. You are looking for ready to use materials? You will quickly find the solution among our adhesives (ceramic cement, epoxy resin etc.), our technical textiles (fabrics, tapes, sleeves, papers...), our crucibles or our standard substrates. You have a precise need? We will do our best to create a product perfectly adapted to your needs. Choosing Final Advanced Materials, you benefit from a complete support service. If you need to perfect your project, we can support you from start to finish thanks to our engineering service: after modeling and calculations, our engineers choose the most suitable materials for your process. We propose you to test the prototypes made according to your needs and specifications. We go so far as to develop custom-made products. Final Advanced Materials’motto: adapt to the customer. 30 years of experience and looking for the future Thanks to our 30 years of experience, your needs are in good hands. We are specialists of small quantities and prototypes. Final Advanced Materials devotes significant resources to research and development. Our company is part of the professional network through different poles, such as Pôle Textile Alsace (Alsace Textile Pole), bringing together textile companies of Alsace and encouraging innovation. We are also part of the Pôle Européen de la Céramique (Ceramic European Pole), unique competitiveness pole for ceramics, and of the Centre de Transfert de Technologies céramiques (Center of Transfer of Ceramic Technologies), a support structure for innovation in the field of technical ceramics, which provides a link between research and industrial world. Finally, we are as well part of the Pôle Véhicule du Future (Future Vehicle Pole) that go along with companies to the new markets of mobility and to the industry of future. The excellence is our priority, and our ISO certifications are proof of our commitment in terms of management quality (ISO 9001), health and security of our employees (ISO 45001) and environmental norms (ISO 14001). Final Advanced Materials is distinguished by its versatility, reactivity, and professionalism. At our place, we have a solution for every demand, and our mission is only over when you are completely satisfaction. So do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are here to answer your questions: 03 67 78 78 78

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