(OLD) BE 4.0 - Salon Industries du Futur Mulhouse


Stand: C-16


INSA STRASBOURG is a Public school of engineering and architecture. It welcomes around 2000 students with a student or apprentice status. Our areas of expertise are: Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Plastics, Electrical engineering, Energy climatic engineering, Civil engineering, Topography and Architecture. INSA STRASBOURG has 9 training and R and D platforms. Research units: Engineering science laboratory ICUBE; AMUP; ICS New themes: Digitization of customer-production relations, digital chain and factory, innovative design, additive manufacturing, functional prototypes, supply chain management, learn manufacturing, flow management, process, modeling, multiphysics digital simulation, robotics, cobotics, automation, on-board electronics, instrumentation, sensors, mobile application, control and command, electric mobility, data mining, connected building, energy efficiency, internet of things.

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