(OLD) BE 4.0 - Salon Industries du Futur Mulhouse


Stand: G-19


Astrée Software is Aquiweb MES software publisher. It stands out for its agility and strong capacity to innovate. The company has always placed its founding values of innovation and simplicity at the heart of its development and its customer relations. Aquiweb is easy to use and implement, and helps manufacturers in their continuous improvement processes: production monitoring, TRS, TPM, dematerialisation of OFs, self-checks, automaintenances, SMED, 5S, visual management, PDCA, AIC, etc. It provides all the solutions for collecting production data in real time (from equipment and operators). Aquiweb is a real decision support tool that accompanies the men in the field during start-ups, tool changes, controls... It guides them step by step and facilitates internal communication. With its planning connected in real time to production, it improves the service rate, organisation and reduces losses. Aquiweb improves industrial performance globally and sustainably in conjunction with the company's management system (ERP), and provides all the information needed to optimise production activities. Simple, standard and economical, Aquiweb operates in full web technology. It meets the needs of dematerialisation of production operations. It is marketed by module: - Aquitime: production monitoring. - Aquiqual: quality control, SPC. - Aquimaint: preventive and periodic maintenance. - Aquidoc: provision of documentation at the workstation. - Aquiordo: agile and connected planning in real time. - Aquitraça: traceability / genealogy. - Aquiénergie: improving energy performance. - Aquistock: flow and stock management. - Aquiguide: digitalisation of operating procedures. It provides managers with dedicated applications: - Aquiweb Apps: a smartphone application for a real-time view of the plant, even when travelling. - Aquiweb PlantData: a fully customisable data access portal for a better analysis and sharing of information with teams and employees.

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