(OLD) BE 4.0 - Salon Industries du Futur Mulhouse


Stand: G-24


Hexas Biomass Inc. (Hexas) is a biomaterials company that produces XanoFiber™, a plant-based raw material from our proprietary perennial grass. XanoFiber™ is a substitute for, or supplement to, wood, corn, bamboo, and fossil fuel-based feedstocks. Markets for our XanoFiber™ include bioenergy, composite materials, structural/non-structural products, pulp & paper, biochemicals, bioplastics, and numerous others. We license our technology or sell conversion ready XanoFiber™ to customers. XanoFiber™ is produced locally wherever our customers’ facilities may be. We deliver XanoFiber™ conversion ready as a drop in solution for use with current production infrastructure without change the functionality or aesthetic appeal of products. This way Hexas is disrupting the use of traditional raw materials without interrupting the supply chain. We achieve this with our proprietary Farm-to-Fiber™ platform -- production, harvesting, processing, and delivery to assure a reliable supply of raw material. XanoFiber™ is a RIN D3, D6, and D7 EPA-approved, advanced cellulosic bioenergy feedstock. XanoFiber™ earns this approval because XanoGrass™ provides extensive ecosystem services, including bioremediation and superior carbon sequestration capabilities. Hexas is 100% woman-owned small business.

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