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Synple Chem, an ETH spin-off, has developed an automated reagent cartridge-based synthesizer for the safe and efficient assembly of new molecules. The synthesizer works in analogy to a well-known coffee capsule system, carrying out chemical synthesis, in a manner that is much faster, cheaper, safer, and more efficient than traditional manual methods. With a broad range of cartridges for the most frequently used chemical reactions in the pharmaceutical industry, Synple Chem’s technology platform has the potential to speed up drug discovery and bring new medicines to the patient faster. ynple’s unique fully automated chemical synthesis technology, working in an analogous manner to a capsule coffee maker offers significant timesaving and productivity enhancing benefits. The high-tech synthesizer combines flow and batch reaction technologies and works with a cartridge that contains all components to carry out a complete chemical reaction from start to the work-up and purification. Through this enclosure, the single-use cartridges will also minimize the user’s exposure to toxic reagents. Use of the cartridges, in conjunction with the automated machines, will aid chemical research and development organizations by greatly simplifying the way in which key chemical scaffolds are produced for research, and providing a far safer and more efficient alternative to traditional synthesis, which has not undergone significant transformation in decades. This has the to potential to significantly save time and costs in the development of new molecules.

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