(OLD) BE 4.0 - Salon Industries du Futur Mulhouse


Stand: Q-26


💡 Atipik Solutions is committed to a sober, human and digital factory. Created in 2016, Atipik Solutions is a start-up whose ambition is to offer industrialists via a network of consultants, a collaborative performance management software, in a logic of continuous improvement and operational excellence.. Our solution is aimed at industrialists wishing to have: 📊 A clear, quantified and historicized vision of incidents in production, 📈 An efficient decision support regarding the priority actions to be taken, 🤝 Empowered teams committed to improving the company's performance, both on a daily and medium-term basis. Simple and intuitive, WATSY® - Waste Tracking System® - is an application that allows users to very easily: ✔ Collect production incidents in real time and connected, ✔ Valuate these incidents in euros to be able to prioritize them ✔ Decide and monitor improvement actions on a daily basis, ✔ Define and pilot the improvement projects to be carried out, thanks to the analysis of incidents on different dimensions. With WATSY®, empower teams in the field, save time and accelerate progress.