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Data and information control are essential today for every entrepreneur who wishes to perpetuate and enhance their information assets, one of the pillars and one of the main assets of their business. Concerned about these issues and wishing to promote the use of Data, NUMEUM Grand Est has decided to create a Data Committee bringing together 4 companies ((Actecil, Bial-X, Digora et FDC) that are experts in the use and exploitation of information and data. The objective is to be able to provide their expertise and their visions of the possibilities, the challenges and the solutions, to public and private organizations which question the quality, security, operation and optimization of their information assets. Articulating their interventions around 'customer' use cases to allow managers to have illustrations and concrete examples in order to be able to project themselves, the group of experts leads meetings as a player in the dissemination and the promotion of a data culture in the Grand Est; under the patronage of the NUMEUM Digital Syndicate, their ambition is to provide their thoughts and visions on subjects such as: - Data, to do better! How to use the data at my disposal to make my business more efficient - Data, to do otherwise! How to develop new income thanks to my informational heritage? - The data, so as not to disappear! How can I anticipate, maintain and develop the bond of trust with my "customers"? You are a federation, a union, an association or any other form of structure bringing together public and private organizations, you can ask for the support, during a meeting of your members or members, of this group of experts to intervene on the subjects of the data life cycle, its valuation and its use.

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Des experts du Numeum pour sensibiliser et conseiller les entreprises, les chefs d’entreprise, sur la gestion de leurs données


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