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A strong Franco-Swiss partnership with confirmed potential The meeting between LCB Sàrl, a Swiss company expert in the development of industrial IT solutions, and HLP, French specialist in digital and industrial transformation, provides companies with a global solution that covers all their needs, however complex they may be. they. Complementarity of areas of expertise Why did you set up a partnership between LCB and HLP? The answer is simple: combine two complementary professions! LCB's field of expertise makes it possible to interconnect the machines of a fleet and to be able to interact with it while, for its part, HLP takes care of setting up an optimal monitoring of production data and performance through a comprehensive portal. This linking of the production environment with the software environment allows perfect communication between the machine and the operator with complete management of the company, whether on a single site or in several factories. If the two parts (connectivity of production machines and monitoring software portal) are very complementary, they can also live independently, everything depends on industrial needs. If a machine park is already connected, only the part of the HLP monitoring portal will be relevant. The opposite also works: if a company already has a monitoring solution but wishes to interconnect its machines, only LCB's expertise will be required. However, the main objective set up by LCB and HLP remains to develop a complete, fully integrated and ever more efficient solution to optimize the 4.0 industries! In short, the partnership between HLP and LCB has only just begun and, faced with the opacity of Industry 4.0, its constant movement and its extraordinarily complex and rapid evolution, their union is not about to end. ! Are you interested in our industrial performance monitoring solution? Contact us! Salon BE 4.0 in Mulhouse, genesis of the partnership between HLP and LCB This show, an unmissable event to keep abreast of the latest innovations in technological and industrial solutions, is an opportunity to meet the main international industrial players and to discover their mutual expertise. A great example of success for this event, since a simple discussion between the two leaders of HLP and LCB turned into a major innovation for Industry 4.0! This year, the BE 4.0 fair will take place in Mulhouse from November 30 to December 1, 2021. HLP and LCB are participating to present their solutions and in particular i4: do not hesitate to come and find us on our stand! i4: the software that monitors, synthesizes and alerts! In response to all these challenges related to Industry 4.0, the i4 operational performance solution covers a wide range of needs: • supervision of the production of the machine park • centralization of the management of the machine park • real-time data measurements and monitoring • collection of machine information in the ERP, search for anomalies and return of changes to the machines • correction of machines in real time • alerts in the event of a problem on a machine Saving time, energy and money while automating industrial processes: equipping yourself with the i4 solution is a big step towards industrialization 4.0 because the i4 box connects to all your equipment to ensure Optimal intercommunication over the entire machine park. Your data is thus retrieved and transmitted to the management portal, whatever the type and generation of your machines, thus ensuring communication between your industrial park and your management tool. i4 is ahead of traditional solutions by its bidirectionality! Tools for collecting data and finding fixes already exist, but they all have one flaw: Communication only happens one way. In fact, the machine park sends production data, but the second step, which consists of sending instructions to the machine, is often not automated, so technicians must manually apply these actions. As i4 allows two-way communication (from machine to gate and from gate to machine), this feature automates actions (real-time correction, automatic poka yoke, etc.). All the power of i4 lies in this exceptional automation innovation! Centralization of industrial skills under a single solution The i4 module, developed by LCB and HLP, has three considerable advantages over what is currently offered on the market: 1) centralize business processes 2) benefit from a single provider 3) no need to look for several solutions thanks to its complete package of services