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Mobile assistance with work


SmartForest Mobility is the mobile solution which helps technicians during maintenance, monitoring and field audits. SmartForest Mobility allows you to: - Reduce execution times - Improve mobility and collaboration (connection with a remote expert) - Propose dynamic additional actions in real time (on-board artificial intelligence tool) - Generate reports and summaries at the end of the job - Customise "trade" processes (creation of scenarios, content, entries) for multiple customers, multiple sites - Operate in online and offline mode Cognitive assistance - Providing the operator with all the documentation relating to the task to be performed - Checking the data entered - Guaranteeing that the operator or technician has the accreditations, expertise and authorisations to carry out the task involved Process dematerialisation - Dematerialise the processes on a mobile device in order to guarantee the up-to-date version of the document - Enrich the databases with the information collected when carrying out maintenance, production, audit operations ...for processing and analysis by AI

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