Communicating room thermostats


The new NRFC4 thermostats are dedicated to the control of fan coil units in commercial and residential buildings. The thermostats can be installed in commercial applications (offices, hotels, ...), and they can be integrated into building management systems via the universal Modbus/RTU protocol. The NRFC4 products provide targeted control and ensure the comfort of occupants in the building through accurate temperature readings. The products have a simple and elegant design. The slim 14 mm thickness ensures a discreet installation. The LCD display is configurable with a backlight function. Simple to install and use The installation is done via a mounting plate, which avoids opening the controller. The internal temperature sensor is automatically deactivated when an external temperature sensor is used. For installations in public buildings, the thermostat controls can be deactivated. Overview of the range : Model Description Fan NRFC413MF111 2 tube 0-10V, with PV,MV;GV position feedback NRFC422MF111 2-tubes or 4-pipe in 2-point PV,MV,GV NRFC423MF111 2 tubes or 4 tubes in 0-10V PV,MV,GV NRFC424MF112 2 tubes or 4 tubes in 2 points or 2 tubes in 0-10V EC motor with cut-off function

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