Interview with Jesus Viu, innovation manager at Teréga Solutions

Can you introduce us to Teréga Solutions? 

 Since last year, Teréga Solutions has been the multi-energy and digital solutions subsidiary of the Teréga Group, which has been an expert in the transportation and storage of natural gas in the Southwest for over 70 years. Its birth as a company is the result of a process initiated five years ago by the will of the group's management to prepare for the transformation of its activities that the energy transition would entail...which proved to be very anticipatory of what we are experiencing today! The result was the creation first of a business unit, and since 2021 of a subsidiary that will develop through its own contracts, beyond the relationship with Teréga . 

 What major transitions have you identified, and what are your responses? 

 We are convinced that the transformation of industrial activities begins with digital technology, and that the choice of data storage in the cloud is the most relevant. Therefore, Terega Solutions creates the digital twin of data in the cloud, which we call "Io-Base", based on their secure collection on programmable logic controllers (PLC). Our solution embeds the communication protocols of most of the existing PLCs on the market, and is able to collect 1,500 data in 5 seconds. The important point is the "locking" that is obtained by the support that our offer takes: convinced that protection by software is not enough, we have developed a box, "Indabox", a small box that is installed in the control cabinets and thus provides physical protection. The offer is also designed to pool data from different systems in order to propose collective solutions. This is how developers can control energy autonomy at the scale of a Zac (concerted development zone).

 What role does the energy transition play in this offer? 

 It is fundamental for companies and, from our point of view, requires a multi-energy approach combined with digital technology - it's a winning combination! We can help provide low-carbon mobility, biomethane and hydrogen solutions. The data collected and mastered on these issues creates a base that allows, for example, to calculate the possible energy saving certificates (CEE), and more generally for a company to organize its energy transition. 

 What will you be presenting at BE 4.0 Industries of the Future? 

 We'll be presenting these secure solutions as part of our development plan. We are beginning to win business from customers outside our parent company, in line with the path we have set for Terega Solutions. Translated with (free version)