To help you in your visit, the BE 4.0 Industries du Futur exhibition offers 9 themed paths to enable you to meet the specialists dealing with your issues.

Meet at the reception of the BE 4.0 Exhibition where you will be offered a guide.


Artificial intelligence Path

Under the impetus of digital transformation, artificial intelligence is in the process of changing the way things are done and has become one of the industrial pillars of the future. Along this path you will discover solution providers dealing with the key uses of AI, such as predictive maintenance, optimisation of the production line or visual inspection, sources of improved efficiency, reduced costs and increased competitiveness.


Energy Path

The issue of energy is a major challenge for the economic and ecological transformations within our society and our companies. Along the energy path you will learn about solution providers and players working to overcome this challenge. Come and meet them and accelerate your energy transition.


Training and Skills Path

Develop your employees’ skills through lifelong training, from apprenticeship to the CIFRE thesis is a major challenge for the industry of the future, human capital becoming the core of the industry of tomorrow.


Advanced Production Technologies Path

Through this path, you will learn about processes which are at the forefront of technology and which are eco-responsible, including very high performance steels, bio-sourced materials, additive manufacturing, clean and energy-efficient processes, robotics, multi-function machines, etc. These new generations of equipment will significantly strengthen the ability of production facilities to adapt


Path dealing with digital technology specialising in innovative and personalised marketing

Digital technology is transforming the relationship of a company with its customers. Present everywhere, multi-channel and ever more in real time, this relationship carries value. The customer relationship is becoming enriched and more complex both with regard to approaches to buying and in turning the consumer into a “consumer-player”. On this path, you will learn what solutions are on offer (CRM, e-commerce, etc.) by solution providers who will allow you to respond better to these changes, bring added value and allow you to differentiate yourself within the market.


Path dealing with digital technology specialising in agile and collaborative design

Get it right first time by using the new possibilities of 3D modelling and collaborative simulation tools, share the experience by immersion in an animated or printed virtual model allowing you to chain design cycles together in record time: here are a few examples of new uses and technologies which you could discover along this path.


Path dealing with digital technology specialising in optimised and anticipatory management

Providing digital continuity throughout the production system, deploying optimisation tools for both production facilities and supply chain, having reliable information available for planning for and preventing production stoppages, on this path you will discover how the knowledge of solution providers in this area can help.


Path dealing with digital technology specialising in adaptable and frugal production

The Industry of the Future feeds off flexible and agile processes, allowing it to produce objects economically and competitively. It must be able to change quickly with the increasing speed at which new products come onto the market. Flexibility and the ability to reconfigure therefore constitute one of the key challenges. Along this path you will discover how digital technology responds to these challenges based on new technologies such as virtual reality, the IoT, CAPM and MES software solutions along with digital twins.


Path dealing with digital technology specialising in digital transformation and new Business Models

Digital transformation may currently still appear complex for many companies: what scope? how to proceed? what impact? how and why change my offers to more added value, more services? On this path, come and meet the experts on the subject who will provide you with the answers.