2018 Conferences


Plénière inaugurale

  • Plénière inaugurale

    Plénière 256 places 1H00




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  • Th excellent plant

    Yann Vincent Plenary 256 places 1 hour

    With its vision of the plant of the future, the PSA Group is looking towards a new development model focused around 4 major challenges:

    • the performance of industrial organisation: boosting of flows, quality, traceability, production line productivity and flexibility
    • technologies in production in the digital era: connected plants, robotics, optimized maintenance tools, 3D printing
    •  the sustainable plant: enhancing resources, eco-design, compressing
    •  The human factor: learning community, training, working conditions, autonomization of teams, …

    With plants which are thoroughly busy, efficient, flexible with volumes, mix and client demands, autonomous … the PSA “excellent plant” has car manufacturing accessing the era of agility and modularity. A feature which will be adopted by the partners, notably suppliers (pre- and post- activities).


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  • Sustainable production: a competitive factor for industry!

    Sabine FRANCOIS (ADEME) – Prof Dr. Frank Schultmann (KIT) Plenary room 256 places 1H

    For the industrial testimonies

    • Mr. Matthias Göbel, department Nachhaltigkeit, Innovationsmanagement und Kooperationen” – BMW (DE)
    • M. Yves Bailly – PDG Norske Skog – Golbey (Fr)

    If sustainable development is a concept which is often implemented in all company sectors, its application in industrial production processes remains a subtle exercise.

    How do you turn a concept into a reality which is profitable short-term? Does sustainable production apply to the whole company value chain?

    Integrating all the drivers for the industry of the future (agility & performance, digitalisation, frugality in energy/matters and in waste recovery, internal and external cooperation), sustainable production is firmly client-oriented. It pushes the economic models to evolve to meet new needs, thus increasing the added value of the products/services and company competitiveness.

    This conference will present the most innovative and efficient practices for your company.”



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  • The digital transformation of companies, strategic challenges to technological questions.

    Pascal Laurin, Industrial Director 4.0 Bosch France et Benelux, Hugues Meili President of Hexatrust and CEO of NIJI Plenary 256 places 45 minutes

    “From company managers to specialists of these jobs and their associated tools, digital transformation is an eminently transversal challenge, functional before being technical, which includes all organisations and pertains equally to humans, processes and machines.”


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